Silicon Steel Wound Core

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Transformer cores are made of many thin silicon steel sheets or molybdenum-manganese iron sheets laminated together. A thin layer of oxide is formed on the surface of these sheets and this oxide prevents eddy current losses. The construction of the transformer core is very important as it directly affects the efficiency of the transformer.



1. Excellent electromagnetic property

The GO electrical steel has the characteristics of low iron loss, high magnetic induction and stable performance. To ensure lower cost of down stream products, energy-saving effect better.

2. Outstanding process ability

Excellent mechanical properties are convenient for the users to slit, cut and laminate.

3. Excellent dimensional accuracy

The products has smooth surface, uniform thickness, small intra-plate deviation and high lamination factor.

4. Excellent performance of insulating coating

The product has the advantages of surface insulation, uniform coating, good adhesion, good heat resistance and good corrosion resistance, and good insulation between layers.

Our Advantage

* Excellent electromagnetic property

* Outstanding process ability

* Excellent dimensional accuracy

* Excellent performance of insulating coating

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