Transformer Radiator Corrugated Fin

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   Finned radiators Separate the two media with unequal pressures, with a flexible round film, the flexible surface of the diaphragm can be close to the plane without corrugation, that is, a flat diaphragm or an approximate flat diaphragm, or it can have a variety of the cooling components of the power transformer and special transformer, are widely used at home and abroad.

   Our radiator is manufactured by automatically punching, combining, drop sew-welding & edge cutting with high quality cold rolled steel to make the elements. The connection between elements and oil collection pipe apply outside welding(CO2 protectingwelding)which has completed solved the problems of welding residue&scrap iron to affect the production quality by applying inner welding. It has alsoexperienced sealing testing,surface treating and hot oil flushing to ensure the product quality. Product tested by the third-party tofully meet the transformer industry standard(JBT5347-99).

1.Material: Plastics

2.Color: Sliver

3.Uses: Compensate for pipeline thermal deformation, shock absorption, and absorption pipeline settlement deformation

4.Part:Metal bellows, corrugated expansion joints, corrugated heat exchangers, diaphragm boxes and metal hoses

Center distance(mm)500-4000
Fin thickness(mm)1.0, 1.2, 1.5
Surface treatmentLiquid paint,Powder spray

Model Explanation 
Corrugated diaphragm is a thin-shell elastomer, and the diaphragm is a round membrane-like elastic sensitive element. When the two sides of the diaphragm are subjected to different pressures (or forces), the diaphragm moves towards the strain of the lower pressure side, causing its center to produce a displacement that is related to the pressure difference

Our Advantage

* High heat dissipation performance

* low resistance

*Good water distribution

*Gas distribution performance

*Easy to long film

*Cutting bubbles

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