Slitting Line for Transformer Lamination

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This slitting line isa special equipment to slit silicon steel sheet into strips.

Globally advanced tensile shearing method is adopted for thisline.Decoiling,rewinding,slitting,tensioning,loading and unloading of the coil are all hydraulic driven to ensure high efficiency andlabor saving.

Adjustable tensioning enables precise rewinding ofthecoil.

Up-to-date PLC with logic control function increases stability and reliablity of the whole system.

Adjustable slitting speed is available.Decoiler,slitter and rewinder are all controlled by imported speed controllers to realize speed synchronization ofthe whole line. Automatic coil feeding function can be optional.

Technical Specification:

STL(05)-1000/80STL(05)-1000/120  STL(10)-1250/120STL(10)-1250/150
nner diameter of coilφ500mmφ500~610mm
Width of coil700~1000mm1250mm
Weight of coil5t10t
Strip thickness0.18~0.5mm0.18~0.5mm
Strip width40~1000mm40~1250mm
Max.shearing speed80m/min120m/min  120m/min150m/min
Strip burr<0.02mm<0.02mm
Max.nunmber of strips1010
Straightness deviation of each edge≤0.02mm/2m≤0.02mm/2m
Strip width accuracy±0.1mm±0.1mm
Installed power54kW87kW 87kW100kW
Outline dimension(LxWxH)12x6.5x2.2m13.5x7.9x2.5m 10.8x5.8x2.0m12x56.5x2.2m

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