Winding Machine

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Winding machine HJ-1T/HJ-2T/HJ-2.5T/HJ-3T/HJ-5T/HJ-10T


1.Purpose:winding machine is used for winding dry high pressure coil manufacturing.


A:Winding reduce rtransmission:1set

B:Winding tail seat:1set

C:Winding flower plate:1set

D:1 set of electric control system

E:Six-axis magnetic powder pay-off stand:1set

3.The over all structure of the machine is mainly driven by turbine reducer,brake motor parking is stable and reliable (frequency converter speed regulation),transmission mode:(turbine reducer direct transmission/no chain no belt)winding automatic counting,power off memory function.Encoder counting,both feet step switch (forward/back)control.Automatic calculator,inverter import edencoder control,the whole machine running start slow start,running slow stop,tail seat using the top type structure top tight winding shaft taper hole top tight positioning,tail seat moving 1700mm distance,the whole tail frame adopts screw and linear guide rail,electric motor,push moving tail seat,tail seat top handwheel shaking can extend 0-180mm.

The winding box and tail seat are integrated.

4.The operation panel is fixed with cantilever bracket,which can rotate 270 degrees.The position of the operating panel and the counter table should be ergonomic,so that the operator can observe the number of turns on the panel and the number of turn son the mechanical table.

5.The parts on the equipment should be easy to disassemble and assemble,easy to repair and replace;Oil mirror,oil cup clearly visible,installation position should be easy to observe and convenient for refueling and unloading oil.

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