BWR-06 Oil Temperature Indicators

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BWY-06 series Oil Temperature Indicators (OTl) is our new designed products that bases on the model BWY-802、803、804,which is made according to the national standard JB/T6302.This new type of oil temperature indicators is suited to apply to measure and control the oil temperature of middle and big oil-immersed transformers.


I.    Working temperature:-40℃ ~55℃

II.   Measuring range:0℃~150℃or upon the customers' requirement

III.  Accuracy:±1.5%

IV.  Control capability

      Adjustable range:full span

      Setting accuracy:±2℃

      Switch differential: 6℃±2℃

      Rated Power: AC 250/15A

      4 switches standard setting point:K1,=55℃, K2=75℃, K3,=90℃,K4=130℃

      Note: The switch quantity & setting point can be made according to the customers' requirement, and it comes with max. 6 switches.

V.   Output Signals:

      Pt100 (model A)

      DC 4-20mA (model D)

      DC0-5V (model E)

VI.  Bulb sensor dimension:φ14x115

VII. Connection: M27x2 or upon the customers' requirement

VIII.Protection class:IP55


Product Model



Our Advantage

* Cheap

* Customization acceptable

* Good accuracy

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