ANSI 1.2kV 2.5kV 5kV 800A-6500A Low Voltage Dry-type Epoxy Resin Bushing

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hzgiantway bushings have high application temperature. All hzgiantway made bushings have the working temperature range from-40~130ºC.It isvery important for the transformers which served in very cold area and very hot area. It is also very important especially to the solar/wind generation transformers which usually withstand heavy current in sunshine hot noon and suffer very cold weather in the cold night In those extreme environment, hzgiantway epoxy bushing had put up very good records.
hzgiantway has set up excellent injection equipment to ensure no pores inside the insulation body. hzgiantway has effective test equipments and testprocedure for the epoxy bushings. Each bushing must be tested before it finished in factory.

Rigorous Test
hzgiantway epoxy bushings have passed many test,according to IEC60137

Dielectric Tests
Basic Impulse level test:for 1.2kV class the impulse voltage is 30kV (full wave), and for 2.5kV class,the impulse voltage is 45kV(full wave);
High voltage 50Hz& 60Hz withstand test:for 1.2kV class,test voltage is 10kV/1min.,for 2.5kV class,the test voltage is 2.0 kV/1min.

Mechanical Strengthen Tests
Leakage test,
Stud push-out test,
Stud torque strength test,
Cantilever test Flange torque test.
Environmental test
It includes thermal cycle test. The tested temperature range is -40~130ºC,withstand 20 cycles.

All design tests are performed in accordance to the customer's requirement or on the agreement between hzgiantway and the customer.
We have the copies of test report for reference on customer's request.
Conditions of use
1.Ambient temperature;-45ºC~+40ºC;
2.Altitude:The default is not more than 1000m,and the altitude of more than 1000m needs to be specihed.;
3.Installation angle:the default is vertical installation,horizontal installation needs to be specifred;

4.Pollution level:The ordinary type is suitable for light pollution areas,and the anti-fouling type is suitable for heavy pollution areas.

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