1.2KV 833A BIL 30KV ANSI Low Voltage Porcelain Bushing

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The Threaded Bushings for voltage of 1.2kV are supplied assembled with the respective porcelain, NBR gaskets, copper threaded rod, blued steel spin grip nut, zinc-plated brass connector and stainless steel lock washer and nut.

Low-voltage transformers with separate leads normally have solid porcelain bushings. These bushings consist of high-grade porcelain cylinders through which the connections pass. The outside surface may be plain or have a series of corrugations or skirts to increase the surface leakage path to the metal case. When the conductors are brought to the transformers in lead-covered cables, the leads often enter through cable terminators. These terminators are similar to ordinary potheads and are attached to the transformer with the bushings inside the case.

1.Material: porcelain insulator

2.Glaze color: light gray

3.Rated voltage: 1.2KV BIL:30KV

4.Rated current: 833A

5.Standard: ANSI

Our Advantage

* High voltage 

* Good strength

* Good insulating properties

* Lightning-withstand

* Anti-corrosion

* Rustproof

* Mature brass processing

* Using bright tin makes it not easy to be scratched

Rated VoltageRated CurrentCreep DistanceImpulse LevelWet withstand VoltageTank Hole DiameterPorcelain Color

1833 Copper stem 1"-14 L=1701Copper
25871    833A   4 Hole Terminal1Brass Forging
3Plain gasket 43x25x31NBR
4Brass  gasket  φ48Xφ27x2.53Brass
5Brass nuts 1"-14(H=12.7)1Brass
6AS1248-023-04 Spring Card1Steel
7YG 8002 Porcelain1Porcelain
8Flange gasket(φ92.5Xφ70x4)1NBR
9Brass nuts 1"-14(H=10)2Brass

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