1.2KV 417A ANSI Eyebolt LV Porcelain Bushing

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The Threaded Bushings for voltage of 1.2kV are supplied assembled with the respective porcelain, NBR gaskets, copper threaded rod, blued steel spin grip nut, zinc-plated brass connector and stainless steel lock washer and nut.

Low-voltage transformers with separate leads normally have solid porcelain bushings. These bushings consist of high-grade porcelain cylinders through which the connections pass. The outside surface may be plain or have a series of corrugations or skirts to increase the surface leakage path to the metal case. When the conductors are brought to the transformers in lead-covered cables, the leads often enter through cable terminators. These terminators are similar to ordinary potheads and are attached to the transformer with the bushings inside the case.

1.Material: porcelain insulator

2.Glaze color: light gray

3.Rated voltage: 1.2KV

4.Rated current: 417A

5.Standard: ANSI

Our Advantage

* High voltage 

* Good strength

* Good insulating properties

* Lightning-withstand

* Anti-corrosion

* Rustproof

* Mature brass processing

* Using bright tin makes it not easy to be scratched

Rated VoltageRated CurrentCreep DistanceImpulse LevelWet withstand VoltageTank Hole Diameter


1Copper stem 625A1Copper
2Brass Terminal 625A1Brass Forging
3Plain gasket1NBR
4Steel gasketΦ45XΦ20.5x31Stainless steel 304
5Brass nut 3/4"-103Brass
6Transformer tank(1.2kV 625A)1Not in scope of supply
7GNY 7991-1 Porcelain1Porcelain
8Flange gasket(Φ92.5XΦ70x4)1NBR
9Brass washer2Brass
10Brass Eye bolt中23.8-0.5-1.31Aluminum bronze precision casting
11Spring washer 1/2"1Stainless steel 304
12Steel nut 1/2"-131Stainless steel 304
13AS1248-023-04 Spring Card1Steel

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