Type WDPII2 Single Phase Tap Changer

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Off-excitation tap changer is a kind of switch, suitable for rated voltage 10KV, rated current 63A or below 125A three-phase oil-immersed transformer, under the condition of no excitation, the purpose of adjusting the secondary voltage can be achieved by changing the number of turns of the primary coil of the transformer . The temperature of the tap changer in the oil medium is as low as -25°C and as high as 100°C.


The non-excited disc-shaped tap-changer is an embedded composite resistive transition structure, which combines the functions of the tap selector and the diverter switch. separate oil chamber. It has the advantages of simple structure, long service life and convenient installation and maintenance. The technical performance of the switch conforms to the standards of IEC60214 and GB10230 "on-load tap-changer".

Type WDPII2 single phase-tap changer

- Used in mineral oil or silicon oil

- Rated Voltage 10KV-15KV

- Rated current from 30A-63A

- Tapping position: 3-5

- Regulation 2.5% per position


Model Explanation 
WST □ - □/□-□X□

W: off-circuit
S : three-phase or D for single phase
T : linear type tap changer
□: voltage regulation model
□: rated current
□: rated voltage
□: number of tapping heads
□: number of tapping position

Voltage Regulation Model
I : terminal point
II : central point
III : neutral point
IV : Y-△ conversion
V : series-parallel connection

Our Advantage

* High pressure capability
* Strong anti-aging ability
* Strong anti-lightning impact
* Strong protection
* Use smoothly
* Stable use


Number of positionsRated VoltageRated CurrentHH1MdφD

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